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Excellence in Flight Training

Excellence in Flight Training

Not All Training Centers Are Created Equal

Industry leaders in BE1900 training

Air Training Support specializes in simulator-based Beechcraft 1900 training.

We offer instructor-led and dry-lease options for pilots and airlines seeking top notch training to support their operations.

The ATS Difference

The training received in our simulators and classrooms equips aviation professionals with the knowledge and skills required to handle all situations whether routine or extraordinary.

Expert Instructors

Coaching is custom tailored to our clients’ specific needs, incorporating real-time insights leveraging years of experience.

Top-Notch Facility

Our training center offers fully appointed classrooms and briefing rooms supporting both full-motion and fixed-base training devices, all FAA certified, making training at ATS a comfortable productive learning environment.

This is Air Training Support

We hone your skills to help you remain sharp and stay prepared for any challenge that the next flight may present. This training goes beyond meeting a requirement; it signifies an accomplishment, exclusively reserved for those who train at ATS.

Get solutions from first class pilots

Unlock a wealth of expertise and insights by turning to our seasoned team of first-class pilots. Whether you’re seeking advice on aviation challenges or looking for solutions to enhance your skills, our accomplished pilots are ready to guide you through the intricacies of the skies

A word from our Founder & Vice President

Rudy Kiffor

Air Training Support is staffed by a team of highly qualified instructors all of whom are dedicated to offering you the best training experience possible.

Our instructors are carefully screened to ensure a staff of fully licensed, experienced professionals.  They are continually evaluated to maintain high levels of teaching effectiveness, with closer attention to the students’ individual learning and motivational needs.

Guaranteed Accountability

We deliver results

State-of-the-art airline pilot training facilities, highly qualified instructors, satisfied customers from many countries worldwide.


Alicia Regnier

Top notch training. Randy and captain Bill are awesome. Rudy has built a wonderful program.


Evan Hoffman

Captain Bill is a phenomenal instructor. His experience makes him an invaluable asset!

Captain Randy was a great Sim instructor!

The entire operation is very professional and it provides a nice warming welcome feeling.


Richard Jeremy

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