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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer BE1900 mechanic or flight attendant training?2024-01-02T05:30:55+00:00

We do not offer mechanic or flight attendant training at ATS.

My company is sending me to ATS to train as a First Officer. Can I take the PIC training instead?2024-01-02T05:30:25+00:00

This is a discussion and decision that needs to be made by you, the airline, and your chief pilot.  The BE1900 can be a demanding aircraft and we do not recommend training as a captain if your role will be SIC.  Once a student is committed to PIC training, an SIC type rating will not be rewarded as a second place to a candidate who does not perform to the level of captain, therefore the decision to train as PIC should not be taken lightly.

Can I get my ATP while I am at ATS?2024-01-02T05:29:54+00:00

ATS has the ability to offer an ATP oral and check ride as part of your BE1900 training program.  We do not offer ATP training (ie. ATP/CTP course), nor do we focus on specific ATP knowledge during your BE1900 training.  Those pilots seeking the ATP oral and ride must arrive with an ATP/CTP course certificate, a passing written exam test, and the requisite knowledge and experience to pass an ATP practical examination.

Do you offer training on any other aircraft?2024-01-02T05:29:28+00:00

At this time, ATS is proud to offer wet and dry leasing of BE1900D simulators and FTDs.  Additionally, we currently offer dry leasing of a level 4 certified BE99 flight training device.

What level BE1900 simulator do you have?2024-01-02T05:29:00+00:00

While it is important to remember that all of our BE1900 simulators are D models (BE1900D), we have both Level D and Level C full-flight simulators.  This is a level of simulator certification and should not be confused with the airplane model.

How much does training cost?2024-01-02T05:26:04+00:00

We offer several different training programs with different duration and regulatory requirements.  Because of this, it is best to reach out to us directly at for pricing information.

Do you offer training on the 1900C/1900B or only the D model?2024-01-02T05:26:44+00:00
Per FAA regulations, all models of Beechcraft 1900 share a common type rating.  While our simulators are all 1900D models, the resulting type rating is valid on all BE1900 aircraft.  Should you require differences training, please let us know and we can discuss options to fulfill your requirements.
Are your simulators FAA / TC / EASA certified?2024-01-02T05:27:48+00:00

Our full motion BE1900 simulators are both FAA and Transport Canada certified.  Additionally, we hold certifications for several Caribbean, and South American countries.  Currently, our sims are not EASA certified.

I am a foreign national. Can I come to ATS for simulator training?2024-01-02T05:28:21+00:00

All foreign national pilots are required to have TSA approval to receive flight training on the BE1900.  Additionally, the US government requires entrance visas for citizens of most countries to visit our facility.  These approvals and visas must be acquired BEFORE we can begin training at ATS.  For more information on the TSA approval process, please visit

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