A.T.S. Recurrent Training for the BE-1900

Beechcraft 1900 recurrent training encompasses regular refresher courses and simulations, aiming to strengthen pilot skills, refresh understanding of systems and procedures, and maintain ongoing adherence to safety regulations.

When it comes to pursuing a BE-1900 Type Rating, Air Training Support (ATS) sets the standard for excellence in aviation training. We understand that achieving this milestone in your aviation career requires meticulous preparation and a commitment to safety. That’s why we’ve outlined the essential prerequisites to help you embark on your journey towards obtaining your BE-1900 Type Rating.

  • Optional Training:

    Emergency Training

    • Emergency Situations
    • Emergency Drills
    • Ditching

    Differences Training

    • Included in Aircraft Ground and/or Flight Training

    Special Curriculum Segments

    • Dangerous Goods
    • International Operations
  • Course Ware:

    • Training Manual
    • Flight Manuals
    • Self-study Materials
    • Lecture/Briefing Syllabus and Lesson Plans
    • In-class Handouts
    • Oral-Written Examinations
    • Slide/Tape Programs
    • Video Presentations
    • Panel Drawings/Posters
    • Cockpit Mock-ups
    • Emergency Procedure Trainers/Devices
    • Flight Training Devices
    • Simulator
  • Delivery Methods:

    • Lecture
    • Self Study
    • Simulator Training with Instructor(s)

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