Initial Training

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When it comes to pursuing a BE-1900 Type Rating, Air Training Support (ATS) sets the standard for excellence in aviation training. We understand that achieving this milestone in your aviation career requires meticulous preparation and a commitment to safety. That’s why we’ve outlined the essential prerequisites to help you embark on your journey towards obtaining your BE-1900 Type Rating.

  • Ground School:

    Consists of 48 hours of instruction.  8 hours is conducted through our long distance learning program, before the student arrives. Once on site, the remaining 40 hours are conducted in a classroom with our instructor.  Upon completion of the ground training program the oral examine is normally completed at this time.  Our instructor will be using numerous training aids:

    1. Computer Training Systems BE-1900 online program
    2. Video Training
      • Controlled Flight into Terrain
      • NASA In-Flight Icing Training for Pilots
      • Low Visibility Taxiing (SMGCS) (Revised)
      • Aircraft Surface Movement
      • Windshear/Flight path Control
    1. Panel diagrams (wall posters)
    2. Cockpit mock up trainers (CMT)
  • Simulator Training:

    The final phase of training will be conducted in our Level C Full Flight Simulator.

    • One Pilot: 15 hours of hands-on training covering all maneuvers, profiles, irregulars, and emergencies required for the check-ride.
    • Two Pilots: 12 hours of hands-on training and 12 hours of dual-seat time, equaling a total of 24 hours.
    • 2.5 hour check-ride
  • Course Materials:

    The following materials are included in the price of the program:

    • Systems manual in color
    • Flight standards manual
    • Collins EFIS 84 Manual
    • Normal checklist
    • Abnormal & Emergency QRH
    • Panel fold outs
    • Flight Profile Guide
    • Beechcraft abridged Weight & Balance and Performance Manual

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