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We have 4 flight training devices. These FTD’s may be leased by airlines, corporations or individuals to provide simulator training, indoctrination, refresher, FAA check rides (1900 only) or training in any approved programs. A.T.S. can provide instructors and Captain or First Officer additional crew members as required.

A.T.S., upon request, will provide all materials necessary, (i.e., approach charts, maps, manuals, check lists, etc.). We can work with your training departments to develop differences courses or integrate your own training programs to fit your needs.

Leasing Options
    • With Instructor
      • Includes briefing and de-briefing times.
    • Without Instructor
      • A minimum 1 hour (or to proficiency) simulator training session with an A.T.S. instructor is required before you will be allowed to operate the simulator with your own personnel.
    • Simulator available 0600-2400 seven days a week.
    • Minimum of 1 hour required.